Everyone Deserves S.T.E.M.

 EDSTEM Academic Year Program 2020-2021

As a result of the educational disparities amplified by COVID-19 for so many communities around the world, we wanted to help alleviate this problem by creating a FREE virtual STEM outreach program for the upcoming school year. That is why, beginning October 16th, we are embarking upon a 25-week academic year journey that will enable students from 4th to 12th grade to partake in advanced and individualized research with the guidance of our wonderful mentors! Our rigorous curriculum will culminate with our inaugural EDSTEM Science and Engineering Fair starting  March 29th!

Mission Statement

Talent is everywhere, and no uncontrollable circumstance should ever be able to hinder anyone from chasing their dream. Our goal is to lay the vital foundations of success in the STEM field in order to maximize as much potential as possible!

Why are we doing this?

STEM is the future of our society. Especially now in this time of crisis, we are seeing how advances in the field are paving the path towards life-saving discoveries. Now more than ever, it is necessary for the rising generation of leaders to have a strong foundation in STEM fields.



Varun (junior at Lake Highland Preparatory School) & Vrinda Madan (senior at Princeton University) are a pair of siblings who are highly passionate about STEM and its wide array of real-world applications. Having competed in various prestigious competitions like Broadcom Masters, Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair, and the Regeneron Science Talent Search, they embrace the power of youth in advancing STEM fields. They strive to give back to the community by empowering the next generation of scientific leaders.


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