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The novel coronavirus SARS-CoV2 is the viral pathogen responsible for the transmission of COVID-19. Any projects in this category will explore the science underlying the molecular mechanisms of viral replication, modes of transmission, clinical pathology, epidemiological trajectory, and ongoing research for treatments and vaccine design.

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Environmental Science

Our Earth needs us more than ever to create innovative solutions to combat its problems. Any projects in this category will involve testing problems related to water quality, natural disasters, plastic contamination, deforestation, agriculture yields, endangered species, and so much more. Throughout the instruction period, the concepts of climate change will be heavily emphasized. 

Physics and Astronomy

Earth is such a small part of our cosmos, and so many celestial objects surround it. Projects in this category will cover topics such as exoplanet habitability, the shape of the universe, black holes, space debris, and the Martian terrain. Students will additionally be educated about the Big bang and the overall formation of the universe.


Almost everything around us is a direct result of engineering, which is the use of scientific principles to design and build machines. Projects in this category will feature innovative topics such as building eco-friendly rockets, parachutes, electrical power circuits, robots, sewage systems, wind turbines, and other interactive models/prototypes.     

Applied and Theoretical Mathematics

Around since the 6th century BC, mathematics has been a unique way of looking at the world and is in so many everyday technologies that we use. Projects in this category will be extremely advanced, with topics such as number theory, complex analysis through the medium of partial differential equations, geometry/topology, Fourier analysis, and combinatorics.

Computer Sciences and Intelligent Machines

Computer Science is the propelling force of the 21st century, impacting so many aspects of our daily lives. Projects in this category will feature innovative topics such as creating intuitive applications, simple neural network models, image recognition, data mining, and so much more! Throughout the instructional period, our mentors will cover basic computer science principles and introductory python coding techniques to aid with the various projects. 

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