EVERYONE DESERVES S.T.E.M. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was created during the COVID-19 pandemic when social distancing and school closures made in-person science camps impossible. Nevertheless, we hope to use the power of virtual platforms like Zoom to simulate the learning experience for K-12 students all across the nation. Unlike other science programs, the curriculum was designed to build interest in all aspects of STEM, starting with understanding the basics and then building upon those concepts. We will be employing didactic, interactive, and experimental learning tools to lay strong STEM foundations, with a strong emphasis on real-world applications.

Varun Madan
Junior at Lake Highland Preparatory School

My name is Varun Madan, and I am a junior at Lake Highland Preparatory School. I have done extensive honeybee conservation research at the University of Florida for the last four years, which has led me to present my work at various national/international science competitions such as Broadcom Masters and Regeneron ISEF. Additionally, I love to sing, perform theatrical productions, study Chinese, and play tennis in my free time. I am interested in protecting and unifying our great world someday, most likely through the vast mediums of Environmental and Agricultural Science. 

Fiona Ireland
Junior at Lake Highland Preparatory School

My name is Fiona Ireland, and I am a junior at Lake Highland Preparatory School. I am involved in our high school robotics team, and I love cooking, skiing, riding my bike, and playing games with my family and my dog. In the future, I plan to work hard and be an engineer, but also a leader, so that I can influence the progression of humanity in a positive way.

Neal Manocha
Junior at The Walker School

My name is Neal Manocha, and I am a junior at The Walker School in Marietta, Georgia. I am interested in pursuing a career in data science, but my current interests are computer science and statistics. In my spare time, I like to watch NBA footage, play Xbox, go to concerts and play soccer. I am experienced in Java and Python and I also have a background in robotics.

Ananya Bhateja
Senior at Lake Highland Preparatory School

My name is Ananya Bhateja, and I am a senior at Lake Highland Preparatory School. I have conducted research at a Nanotechnology lab at UCF for two years, been a nationally ranked squash player for 4 years, and played a variety of instruments. I am also the founder of the Youth Health Club, which works with the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation to work towards a cure for T1D. I am passionate about pursuing a career in medicine in the future. Additionally, I love teaching these kids to be excited about learning science and believe that this joy is what will ignite their confidence to become more curious and adventurous when achieving their goals.

Hannah Luft
Senior at Lake Mary High School

My name is Hannah Luft, and I am a senior at Lake Mary High School. I was one of the two Sunshine State Scholars for my county, which chooses top juniors interested in STEM every year to attend an event. I participate in brain bowl and Mu Alpha Theta, and am part of the marching band leadership, where I play the clarinet. I have taken just about every AP STEM-related class I can, from biology and chemistry to computer science and calculus. I love genetics and astronomy, and hope to work in one of those fields in the future. 

Meera Kochhar 
Senior at Lake Mary High School

My name is Meera Kochhar, and I am a senior at Lake Mary High School. I absolutely love teaching math and languages. I work as a tutor at Mathnasium, lead my school’s chapter of Mu Alpha Theta, compete at the Florida State Spanish Conference, and have founded Connecting Through Language – a language learning service teaching English and Spanish to those living in India, Puerto Rico, and the United States. In my spare time, I love cooking, weightlifting, learning languages, and learning about economics and different cultures. In the future, I plan on combining my love for languages, economics and culture, and math to unify the world so that it can further advance as a whole.

Paarinita Dube
Junior at Winter Springs High School

My name is Paarinita Dube and I am a junior at Winter Springs High School. I have taken many STEM-oriented classes and competed/placed in many STEM competitions which elevated my interests in biology, computer science, and especially engineering. My favorite competition thus far was the national TSA electrical applications competition because I got the opportunity to learn so much about electrical engineering. As the only female competitors, my partner and I still came first place in both the state and national competitions. Aside from STEM, I am ranked first on my schools tennis team and I enjoy playing the piano. In the future I want to pursue a career in biotechnology and I hope I can use the skills I acquire to help others and make the world a better place.

David Johnston
Freshman at Florida Polytechnic University

My name is David Johnston, and I am a freshman at Florida Polytechnic University. I am pursuing a degree in computer science with a concentration on information assurance and cybersecurity. Prior to that, I attended Lake Mary High School and focused on taking science, engineering, and other technical electives. I participated on the Seminole County Public Schools Robotics team during my entire high school career. In my free time I write programs and make machines to expand my learning. My skills are focused on computer science, physics, robotics, and mathematics.

Vrinda Madan
Senior at Princeton University 

My name is Vrinda Madan and I am a senior at Princeton University, pursuing a degree in Molecular Biology. Over the years, I have conducted various research projects in fields ranging from infectious diseases to immunotherapy. I am passionate about research as it gives me the opportunity to push the boundaries of what we know, while striving to better the lives of individuals. For my work, I have been honored to be recognized as an Amgen Scholar, SURP Scholar, National Siemens Semifinalist, and 2017 Regeneron Science Talent Search Finalist & 9th place winner.

Adam Rothbaum
Junior at Lake Highland Preparatory School

My name is Adam Rothbaum, and I am a junior at Lake Highland Preparatory School. I enjoy using my telescope to view stars and planets, and learning anything I can about quantum physics, astronomy, cosmology, taxonomy, exobiology, multi-dimensional objects and complex numbers. I am interested in pursuing a career is cosmology, quantum physics, and/or astrophysics.

Anne Fang
Junior at Lake Highland Preparatory School

My name is Anne Fang, and I am the president/founder of my school’s Another Chance Club which fundraises for kids with Leukemia. I have also won multiple National Scholastic Art awards. I Also partake in nanotechnology research at the University of Central Florida, and have taken AP Chemistry and AP Biology. I aspire to one day work in the medical field.

Alex Hynds
Junior at Lake Highland Preparatory School

My name is Alex Hynds, and I am a junior at Lake Highland Preparatory School who enjoys everything to do with computers and music. I’ve written four apps for the iOS App Store and plan to turn it into a career. I’m also the lead programmer of my school’s robotics team. Outside of the world of programming, I really enjoy playing cello and bass and composing various forms of music. In the future, I’d like to expand my programming knowledge through the use of many other languages and create some pretty interesting computer science contraptions.

Annika Vaidyanathan 
Junior at Winter Springs High School

My name is Annika Vaidyanathan and I am a Junior at Winter Springs High School. I have a strong passion for all parts of S.T.E.M. and have been working on Science Fair projects and research since elementary school in both Physics and Engineering. In school I have taken AP Biology, AP Computer Science, and of course AP Physics. Over the years I have competed in everything from Robotics to Cyberpatriots but love reading and enjoy being a part of debate and math teams! 

Ahmad Ismail
Junior at Adrian C. Wilcox High School

My name is Ahmad Ismail, and I am a junior at Adrian C. Wilcox High School (Santa Clara, CA). Driven by my passion for science, I have participated in science fair research over the past years in the fields of medicine, microbiology, and medical technology. I was selected as a Broadcom Masters finalist in 2018 and have received recognition locally as well. I also serve as a member of my city’s youth commission and lead the speech/debate team at my school. Additionally, volunteering for a local STEM program, I believe that fostering the joy of STEM within younger children will allow them to become more observant in their communities and solve problems in society.

Samrawit Samuel
Junior at Lake Highland Preparatory School

My name is Samrawit (Samri G) Samuel, and I am a junior at Lake Highland Preparatory School. I am  proficient in coding and mathematics. I have several leadership roles in the Orlando Math Circle, including the presidency of my school club. I am experienced in teaching STEM-related topics from OMC and volunteering at my local Boys and Girls Club. I have presented at the Florida Association of Science Teachers, participated in the Julia Math Robinson Festival, and have recently enjoyed sitting in on discourse from Girls Talk Math and the Jacob Institute. I engage in Everyone Deserves STEM as part of my vision to make STEM more inclusive to all and to engender a better outlook on STEM. Outside of this, I enjoy baking and playing archery.

Max Boger
Junior at Lake Highland Preparatory School

My name is Max Boger and I am a junior at Lake Highland Preparatory School. I am lead designer on my school robotics team and have taken engineering summer courses at Bryn Mayr College and Johns Hopkins University. I have taken AP Computer Science Principles and AP Biology. I have also lead a robotics summer course in the past. I truly believe that Everyone Deserves STEM is such a wonderful way to make the field of the future as accessible and inclusive as possible. In my future, I plan on becoming a robotic surgeon so that I can help others in their time of need.