Everyone Deserves STEM 2020-2021 Academic Year Program

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Our nonprofit initiative started with a simple, yet ambitious, dream: to make STEM as accessible as possible for everyone through rewarding research opportunities. Especially with the instability caused by COVID-19 threatening to worsen our already-existing educational disparities, it is more important than ever to develop a consistent virtual year-long STEM alternative. As a result, after nearly a month of planning from our dozens of dedicated volunteers and advisors, we are incredibly proud to announce that we are starting a 25-week academic year program on October 16th! In this initiative, students will get to create an individualized advanced research project with the guidance of our experienced mentors every Friday from 5-6 PM EST. Along this journey, students will be choosing their favorite STEM subtopics to pursue, creating a background research report with a proper APA-style bibliography, designing an experiment, writing a research paper, and creating a captivating presentation. This curriculum will culminate with our first annual EDSTEM science and engineering fair starting March 29th, where the children will receive valuable feedback and scholarships to fund their future. Both the project materials and ensuing adjudication will be funded by our grassroots donors and corporate sponsors. If you are interested, make sure to sign up today on the registration form below!

EDSTEM Academic Year Registration

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